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Video professionally converted to MPG or MP4 files on a USB Drive, 
Also other types of media format may be done, if you can provide the working device that plays it, we should be able to convert it.

Converting VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video8 and MiniDV the process and costs are below...

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It is not just a matter of copy and burn, we do this professionally.

Option 1: 1 standard DVD disc can hold up to 1.5 hours of video = $50 first DVD
2nd DVD disc = $40 each onward (in the same order).
Option 2: Have all your cassettes videos converted to MPG files, you can play these through your computer and many modern TV systems. Video files are $50 for 1 or the first then $25 per hour of video after that.
All DVDs will have skip able sections, known as chapters and there would be a menu.
If you provide a USB drive (32GB to 500GB), the files can be put on the USB drive as well or instead of on DVDs.

With MPG2 files, you will be able to copy them to any computer, storage device or TV media (DVD, Blu-ray etc) any time in the future. Please keep in mind, some day DVDs will be fazed out too, it might be worth considering to go for MPG2 files only?
It is always a good idea to give a copy of all your video files to another family member or friend, so if anything ever happened to your storage device, you would still be able to get your video files back in the future.
Scratching your DVD will ensure your DVD will fail to work sooner or later, so caring for your disc is seriously important. 

Plus postage costs (both ways), if any.

Other cassette types will need to be quoted on with the above as reference, we will be assuming that you don't really know how many actual hours are on your cassettes.


*   Post your cassettes to us (if you want it/them back, postage back will be extra depending how large the package).
*   Please also provide a USB drive (32 to 500GB) if you are going for MPG files instead of DVDs or aswell as DVDs (see Option 1 above).
(1GB = 20 minutes of MPG ie. 32GB = 640 minutes or just over 10 hours)
Some VHS cassettes can hold up to 4 hours, while others could have a few minutes.
*   If you have the original camcorder and it still works, it may also be wise to post that to us too.
*   If you need something else or a special request, please Contact Us.
*   All prices on our website are subject to change without notice (please use this as a guide only).
Your cassette/s are converted to MPG files, which can be played through your computer or modern smart TV. A USB Drive is required or we will add the cost of one, or the FILES can be put of DATA DISCs i.e. DVD-R or DVD-DL... (These Data Discs are not playable as normal Movie DVDs, they are only for file storage).

A professionally worked cinematic
movie DVD or Blu-ray can be produced but would be at extra cost as it takes much more time and effort. Burning to Blu-ray does not improve the quality of the converted material any more than seen on the device it was recorded on, (unless the vision was actually recorded in HD format) we do not recommend it, however please Contact Us to see what could be done?

When converting to DVD, we create a graphically printed DVD cover, additional copies are extra dollars, there is no region protection on our discs, so it can be duplicated/copied anywhere, anytime (as long as not scratched). It's always a good idea to have more than one copy, if you don't want to lose it, the second copy should be kept away from your home, in case of a house fire or even a robbery, also just in case the original gets scratched (which is more so the case these days).

Some people buy cameras overseas not knowing that the camera is a different format to what is used in Australia, we use 25p (25 frames) where USA use a standard 30p, if not recorded correctly you can end up with squiggles, ripples etc as there is movement in the vision. We can not guarantee your conversion will not have this effect. As we convert how it comes.
To help us with this, please also provide the camera the vision was recorded on as well if it still works, we might offer to buy it from you.

Another thing, keeping your tapes in storage, doesn't guarantee they can be converted later (they must be kept in a dry non-damp place), we're experiencing loss of quality and other distortions coming through on some older tapes.

POSTING your cassettes to us!
We can help anyone in Australia who can post their material to us, if you want you items back, you'll also need to provide pre-paid packaging at your expense for their return or get a quote from us on sending them back.
We are based in Albany Western Australia, so if you are local, pickup and drop off is available.
Completion may take a few days to a month, even longer for a box or boxes of tapes/cassettes.

Our Postal Address is:
AtoZ-Visual, PO Box 355, Albany DC, Western Australia, 6331
Our private address is explained when required, to approved clients as we are home based.
Nothing is posted back or handed over unless all fees are paid in full.

We can also convert audio to CD,  please Contact Us to see what could be done?

When you bought your camcorder from the store, you would have been told it creates files and provides software for burning to DVD, but after you filled the camera up it suddenly stopped being usable until you finally removed the files out of the camera.
Perhaps by this time you lost the software provided to convert to DVD/Blu-ray etc, little did you know, but the camera's vision may only be converted by that software etc.
Often the user is not informed that the Australian format is PAL not NTSC, the difference can during conversion cause jitter or flicker etc, you'll see this when something you filmed is moving in the camera, these cameras are only good until you fill it up, yes you can watch the vision on your TV via cable or WIFI, but when the camera dies what option do you have.
All that bad stuff being said, if you come across these issues, please Contact Us to see what could be done?

We use quality conversion hardware, editing is done by professional people with professional editing software, using quality media.
We can burn your video to MP4 or Blu-ray, but this will not improve the quality of your video files, as they will always be low-resolution.

SORRY WE DO NOT CONVERT REELS (neither 8mm or 16mm etc).

We will not use any vision converted for anything other than to convert it for you, all material is deleted from our archives within 14 days after clients receive their files, we do not keep copies of anything converted in any format.

We can not convert copyrighted material unless you have written permission to do so (it is against the law to do so). The content of cassettes/tapes supplied must not be copyright to anyone else other than yourself, by sending the your media to us you acknowledge that you are responsible for it 100%, we reserve the right to return all without charge without any conversion, if we feel the content is not owned by you (or is something we feel we should have nothing to do with). We will not take any responsibility for the quality and condition of your VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video8, Mini DV or your Media Files provided and we take no responsibility for any reason your cassette, due to age breaks or is damaged as we are playing it to record it to file. No converted material will be handed over until payment is made in full.


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