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Albany Region DVD 6 (available from 1st April, 2014) Orders

This DVD presents a special glimpse of  Albany’s  historic development, scenes of various view points and many of the historic buildings which play a part in its being the first

European Settlement in Western Australia plus, as a bonus, we’ve included a short presentation on our major contribution to Anzac Day.

Treat this as a virtual tour that also showcases beach-scapes which  challenge the visitor's eye and delight the locals who are lucky enough to actually visit the sites whenever they wish.

You’ll see tourist attractions such as The Gap, Whale World, Wind Farm, West Cape Howe, Two Peoples Bay and whales at Cheynes Beach, plus Wildflowers and Native Orchids.

Albany is one of the coolest places in  summer and in winter has the warmest nights in Western Australia. Located 380km SW from the outskirts of Perth, an easy 4 hour drive or a good value hour long flight.

This DVD makes an ideal tool to encourage family and friends to share Albany’s wonderful heritage with the ones you love. It can be safely posted anywhere in the world and it will also play via any modern computer with a DVD-rom and appropriate software.

The Albany shire sections have update 90% with new footage and brand new voiceover by Rod Nation.

(Total DVD running time is 77 minutes).

Playlist for Main Menu
(53 minutes):

Albany City (28.44minutes), Albany West (13.23m), Albany's Anzac Day (3.3m) and Albany East (8.14 minutes).
Playlist for Bonus Menu
(44 minutes):

Albany Racing Club (4.58m), Denmark-Walpole (8.41m), Mt Barker-Stirlings (9.45m), Mt Barker Turf Club (3.17m), West Australian Flora (5.47m), Wild Orchids of Regional WA (1.5m) and Proclamation Day Re-enactment (1.54m).

Location Albany BD (Albany Region 7)Albany Region HD 7 (Blu-ray)

Includes both of the Location Albany and Location Denmark & Plantagenet on one BD disc.
Everything is in 1080p high definition.

Total running time 247 minutes
and that accounts to a lot of features.


or Contact Us to order or  see DVD Order Info for more info or continue shopping.


The following DVDs are no longer available in stores, but can still be purchased direct at $20 each.


Every day is a fascinating adventure, you never know what you might see next, this amazing region has too much for you to simply miss, so here are some beautiful scenes you may not have seen, even those living here may not have seen such beauty in their own back yard, so many places we can only give you the best of what has been gathered all on one DVD for you.

Covers 300kms of Western Australia’s Southern Coastline and much more.

Come and share with us the ‘spirit and freedom’ of this unique and colourful land, the land we call Western Australia’s South Coast, through picturesque photos and video, detailed maps, named wildflowers and places, listen to it with or without narration, view from the beginning or by chapter. From air to ground, under the sea the many scenic faces of Albany and this wonderful region.

The Albany Region DVD is designed for you to take a part of Albany and the region home with you or to send a copy to friends or family.

Order of play...
Fitzgerald National Park, Point Ann, Bluff Creek, Haul Off Rock, Hassell Beach, Stirling Range National Park, Bluff Knoll, Porongurups National Park, Mt Barker, Mt Manypeaks, Normans Beach, Bettys Beach, Two Peoples Bay, Ben Dearg Beach, Ledge Beach, Ledge Point, Kalgan, Kalgan River, Luke Pen Walk, Oyster Harbour Fish Traps, Lake Seppings, Bird Walk, Emu Point, Ellen Cove, City Of Albany, Goode Beach, Ship Wreck Elvie, Frenchman Bay, Historic Whale World Museum Wiggle Bay, Flinders Peninsula, Isthmus Island, Blowholes, The Gap, Natural Bridge, Sharp Point, Green Island, Wind Farm, Sand Patch, Cosy Corner, Patterns In Sand, Shelley Beach, Bruce Tarbotton Walk, Dingo Beach, Dunsky Beach, West Cape Howe National Park, The Steps, Lowlands Beach, Anvil Beach, Natural Aquarium, Crusoe Beach, Wilson Inlet, Denmark River, Ocean Beach Surfers, Mt Lindesay west and east ends, Millers Basin, Big Rock, Possum Trappers Cave, Lights Beach, Williams Bay, Mad Fish Bay, Elephant Rocks, Greens Pool, Parry Beach, Point Hillier, Rame Head, Herring Rock, Freddy Beach, Conspicuous Beach & Cliff, Blue Holes, Bellanger Beach, Valley Of The Giants, Tree Top Walk, Circular Pool, Walpole, Knoll Drive, Coalmine Beach, Rest Point, Saw Pit, Sandy Beach, Swarbrick Jetty, Shedley Drive, John Rate Lookout.

Produced from 2003 - 2007, consisting of over 1500 images of the region.

Includes PC Screensavers.

Total running time 103 minutes, combining all features.

Some music by Back Traxx (Easy Listening).

Voiceover by Bowey Communications and Radio 1611’s James O'Brien.

Main features of DVD1 & DVD2 are combined into DVD3.
(only available direct on request) [Back to top]

This DVD is no longer available in stores, can be available on request only.
This is where is all began for us.

This DVD is no longer available in stores, can be available on request only.
Amazingly popular, this DVD contains over 1500 photos assembled in a series of movies on one DVD, still available on request only.

This DVD is no longer available in stores, can be available on request only.ALBANY REGION DVD 4 - AUSTRALIA'S BEST KEPT SECRETS
What can you expect when you visit? Well, This DVD is only a snapshot of some of the places you will see; should you care to visit, along with some other things of general interest.

The natural walking trails are at the heart of what is widely recognised as one of the most biodiverse environments for walkers, anywhere in Australia.

Fishing, diving, whale and river cruises are all available throughout the year.

In this presentation we will journey to various attractions covering around 300kms of coastline. Delve into the original Plantagenet District of the Albany region and much more. This DVD is designed for you to take a part of Albany and its region home with you and to share with your friends.

This DVD consists of the entire region, including Albany, Denmark, Mt Barker, Walpole and Bremer Bay, it's the only DVD that includes English subtitles.
The first DVD created from a High Definition Video Camera, random video presentation of the region.

Running time 49min, plus 38min of bonuses (87minutes in total). Includes PC Screensavers.
Released late 2007. (only available direct on request)
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This DVD is the first filmed with a HD video camera, still available on requestALBANY REGION DVD 5 - FREDERICKSTOWN

Beginning with a presentation on the re-enactment of Proclamation Day and then vision which was available between 2008 to February 2014.
This DVD was the first to not include a presentation on Whale World.

It was the longest selling Albany Region DVD until Albany Region DVD6 was released on February 23rd, 2014.

Can be purchased direct on request or...

(only available while stocks last in local stores) [Back to top]

The following DVDs are no longer available, unless businesses of those towns show interest selling them.
However they can be purchased here, but keep in mind all main presentations are included on the
Albany Region DVD6 as bonuses.


Denmark is a picturesque country town, nestled on the tranquil Denmark River and Wilson Inlet. It’s surrounded by magnificent lush forest that cascades down to the waters edge. In the early 1800’s it was named after Alexander Denmark, a naval physician.

The town gained some notoriety in the 1970’s when a small hippy commune lifestyle evolved from the idyllic and tranquil setting. The area presents a perfect picture of naturally occurring and stunning contrasts.

Also included are visits to many of the region's magnificent National Parks from the spectacular Stirling Range to the marvellous Tree Top Walk and the Karri forests of The Valley of the Giants.

Your virtual tour takes in many of the extraordinary range of beach-scapes which challenge the visitor's eye and delight the locals who are lucky enough to return again and again. Denmark is located about 400km SW of Perth.

Total DVD running time is over 85 minutes.  
(only available direct on request)
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This DVD is no longer available in stores, can be available on request only.


Mt Barker is situated in the centre of the original Plantagenet district, which stretched from the Southern coast between Two Peoples Bay and Cape Edward, to the west of Wilson’s Inlet and, northwards as far as Lake Katherine near Tenterden.

How the Plantagenet name was given has been a mesmerising mystery. Some say the wildflower species of broom plant said to be growing in the area, others say Captain Stirling was continuing Captain Vancouver’s decision to honour the Royal Family, which claimed to be of Plantagenet blood.

Mt Barker is located about 350km SW of Perth.

Total DVD running time is over 85 minutes.
(only available direct on request)
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This DVD is no longer available in stores, can be available on request only.


Walpole is better known today for the surrounding “Valley of the Giants” where it is home to some of the tallest trees in the world, including Jarrah, Karri and Tingle trees and the famous tree top walk.

The tree top walk provides the opportunity for visitors to walk safely across a canopy 40 metres above the ancient foliage. You can stand, gazing at these huge giants and their lush undergrowth and surroundings, or stroll the paths below and look up in awe.

Mt Barker is located about 420km SW of Perth.

Total DVD running time is over 85 minutes.
(only available direct on request) [Back to top]

This DVD is no longer available in stores, can be available on request only.

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