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Firewood Sales
Donations Tins
David Hatter 0429 385 067 or David Hatter 0427 717 347
Our team of six Tin Counters is run by
Ian Scott. The value of these Tins, continue to surprise and an example that every cent does count. A total of nearly $25,000 was raised last year.

There are 137 Tins and growing, distributed in Esperance, outlying areas, Condingup, Gibson, Ravensthorpe, Hopetoun and Jerramungup.

More people are using Tins in lieu of flowers for funerals and special birthday parties. All Tins are numbered and when counted the amount for each individual tin is recorded and the owners are advised of the yearly total of their tins.

Ian Scott Out And About
Ian was in Dunc’s IGA Car Park and just about to get into his vehicle when a lady came up to him and peered closely into his RFDS name tag. She said “Just one moment please young man” She dug into her handbag and pulled out a $50-00 note.

Small Change Not Only From Donation Tins
A young lad probably about twelve years old, came up to us whilst we were selling tickets for a raffle. He emptied his purse of small change onto the table and said “I want to give you this because you (the RFDS) saved my Dad’s leg”. The contents of that purse totalled 35c. Thank you to all the people who give us your small change, each year this totals up to $25,000-00.

Donations can be made
by Direct Debit
Account Name:
RFDS Esperance Auxiliary
BSB: 306037 - ACC: 0512434 - Bank: Bankwest

Please advise us of your name and address by phoning (08) 9071 5798 or (08) 9071 7347.
All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

The Esperance Auxiliary encourages all people to pass on donations or private fundraising proceeds to the Esperance Auxiliary, thus giving an overall total raised from the Esperance community each year.

In the year 2013 the Esperance Auxiliary forwarded on a total of $100,000-00.

There is endless support from the Esperance People, Business Houses and Tourists, all knowing how important it is to have the flying Doctor.

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