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MISC Section


Charlotte Strong b. 1821

her father was a farmer called George Strong.
Charlotte married Mr Amer sometime around 1848. The couple had at least one child, Charlotte, in 1851 in the Paddington area. By 1857, Charlotte senior was a widow, Mr Amer having died. At the age of 35 Charlotte married again.

1a Joseph and Mary Belfield, had been baptized on 14th April 1829 in St John's Croydon, Surrey.

     1b Thomas Belfield had been baptized on 14-4-1829 in St John's Croydon, Surrey d. 20-5-1869. m.
                      24-5-1857 Charlotte b. 1821 in Bath in Somerset (nee Strong (1)Amer) Her second husband, d. 1869 had three surviving children.
               1c   Ellen Ann Belfield b. 19-9-1857 at Gresse Street, St Pancras.
               2c   Alice Maria Belfield b. 1859
               3c   Mary Jane Belfield b. 24-3-1861 in Charles Street, Hampstead Road, Pancras.
                     m. 1883 Arthur Charles Belcher in St Matthew's Marylebone.
               4c   Elizabeth Charlotte Belfield b. 1863

All three were baptized in April 1861 in Old Church, Saint Pancras, London.
Or so says the IGI! Having been to the London Metropolitan Archives Office in Northampton Road I could find no sign of these baptisms either in the 'Old church' or the 'Parish Church' of St Pancras. She died aged 48 in Charles Street, of cancer of the Uterus "2 years certified" as her death certificate describes, 2 months after Thomas.


              4c   Elizabeth Charlotte (nee Strong (1)Amer (2)Belfield) m. 23-10-1882 Frederick Herbert Benjafield at Christchurch, Nottinghill, Kensington.
                      Her address was 37 Rackham Street at the time of her marriage but she wasn't living there in 1881.
                      She gave her age as 20 years old - Frederick as 22 although he was only 18 at the time. Elizabeth gave her father as Joseph Belfield a deceased builder - although I now think it was Thomas Belfield a deceased bricklayer (see * below for explanation).
                      1d   Maud Emma Elizabeth Benjafield b. 17-8-1883 at 69 Hampden Street, in the Kensington district of London. m. ?-9-1902 Arthur Robert Cundy.
                             1e    Arthur Cundy m. 1922 to Daisy Hall in South Shoebury, Essex, he is shown as a soldier.
                      2d   Edith Florence Benjafield ??-3-1886 in the St Pancras district.
                      3d   Frederick Thomas Charles Benjafield b. 4-2-1888 (in 49 St Margaret's Road, Willesden, Hendon). It is possible that the three forenames of their first son were named
                             1e    Frederick Benjafield,
                             2e    Thomas Benjafield,
                             4e    Charles Benjafield.
                      4d   Walter William Henry Benjafield mid-1893 (in 23 Harrison Street, Grays Inn Lane, Pancras)

                      5d    Arthur George Harry Benjafield b. 9-1-1895 in 7 Lansdown Road, Kensington Town.

Elizabeth Charlotte died of "Chronic Brochitis" and a "fatty heart of several years" at 96 Goodinge Road, Lower Holloway, Islington.
Her death certificate gives her age as 44, her memorial card as 45.
The memorial card contains this poem:

"With patience she suffered, her troubles were sore, But now it is ended she suffers no more, she sleeps, we will leave her in silence to rest, The parting is painful, but God knows best.
Gone from us but not forgotten, Never shall her memory fade, sweetest thoughts shall ever linger Round the spot where though art laid.

Elizabeth Charlotte Benjafield (nee Belfield) was buried in plot number 18885Q(11) of Islington Cemetery, High Road, East Finchley.

Need to link Mary Ann Gale

Mary Ann Gale married Joseph Belfield from Leek (which Joseph there are many).
He died in Esher Surrey and was buried on the 12-1-1907 aged 72 yrs.
Mary Ann died a couple of days apart and was buried at the same time aged 88.
no children on record, he was a Crimean War Veteran and it was reported in the local paper he was buried with full military honours.

Joseph Belfield b. 1834 d. Esher Surrey and was buried on the 12-1-1907 m.
Mary Ann Gale from leek. Mary Ann d. a couple of days apart and was buried at the same time b. 1818. I don't think they had any children, he was a crimean war veteran and it was reported in the local paper he was buried with full military honors.

At the age of 35  married again. Her second husband, Thomas Belfield b. ??-4-1829 m. 24-5-1857 Charlotte Strong b. 1821 in Bath in Somerset, George Strong being her father.
Thomas Belfield, son of Joseph and Mary Belfield, had been baptized on 14th April 1829 in St John's Croydon, Surrey.


Belfield Family, at least as far back as the 18th Century, lived in the Staffordshire Cheshire area and intermarried with many of the old families in the Rushton, Heaton, Leekfrith, Wincle & Wildboarclough districts. The earlier generations mostly appear to be farmers.

Joseph and Sarah Belfield were m. 16-11-1857 in the Parish Church at Leek they farmed at "Meadow Farm" Meerbrook. Their son Joseph was born at "Ryecroft Farm" Rushton Spencer, he and Elizabeth Belfield farmed at "Bennetts Hill", Wincle, which had been Joseph & Jane Corbishley's Home (1761-1839:1771-1852, respectively). They were Sarah Corbishley's parents were Francis Corbishley (1801-1891) and Mary (nee Trueman) (1805-1871) Their family was Thomas (1827-1896); Mary Brough (1829-1857); Sarah (1832-1906); Francis (1839-1893): and Martha (1842-?). Sarah's parents had farmed 72 acres for at least 40 years at "Lanehead Farm" at Wincle.

Wincle is where most of the Belfield's were buried.

There is also a Thomas Corbishley (1748-1824) and his wife Betty (1747-1807) who had lived at "Lanehead Farm" but I do not know what relationship to Francis Corbishley. He could have been an Uncle, However, Francis's fathers name was Joseph Corbishley (1761-1839) and he married Jane Cotterell (1773-1852) on 8-9-1791 in Gawsworth Church Preatbury, Their home had been "Bennetts Hill Farm" at Wincle, They were both buried at Wincle, Wincle Church is in a country district and both are buried in this Church yard.

Joseph and Elizabeth Belfield also farmed at "Lower Nabs" and "Higher Nabs", Wildboarclough & "Broomhill Cottage". They are buried at Wincle Church as are also Joseph & Sarah Belfield & many other family connections.

Thomas Belfield, who married his cousin Emma Belfield and (Francis Belfield's Uncle), lived at "Rottenstone Farm" Wildboarclough, near Macclesfield. Other farms associated with the family are: "Back Dane", "Paddock","Old Springs", "Withinstakes","Parks Farm","Far Barn", mentioning a few.

Joseph Belfield of Wildboarclough b. 1797 d. 1858 m. Mary Turnock of Meerbrook b.1803 is buried in front of the Church at Wincle d. 6-6-1883 a flat grave stone with her daughters Martha and Sarah they farmed at Withysnakes Farm.
Mary was baptized 20-3-1803

Mary's parents were Joseph and  Martha Turnock of Meerbrook.
she had one Sister Jane Turnock christened at Meerbrook Church 20-6-1806.
Had illegitimate son Samuel listed at 6-7-1823 in Parish register as Base born son of Jane. Born Withysnakes where Joseph Turnock her father farmed.
Later Jane married Mathew Oliver (possible father to Samuel) Mathew Oliver was a witness at Wedding of Joseph Belfield and Mary Turnock in 1824.

       1   George Belfield b. 6-11-1825 d. 17-8-1904 aged 79yrs m. Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) b. 1825 d. 2-1-1913 aged 88yrs.
               1   Mary Ann Belfield 16-8-1851 died at Paddock Farm Heaton Rushton aged 73yrs 18-7-1924 m. Mathew Belfield 14-5-1848 d. 21-8-1933 they were cousins as Mathews Mother (Martha) who never married and Mary Ann's Father (George) where brother and sister. Consequently there grandparents were both the same Joseph and Mary Belfield of Wildboarclough.

               2   George Belfield 21-6-53 d. 14-12-1943 aged 91yrs...Census 1891 shows married to Annie Maria b 1862 d. 3\8\1936 aged 74yrs (maiden name unknown) with their Children:
                      1   George Belfield aged 11yrs  b. 1880 buried Wildboarclough d. 2-11-1959 of Brownsett fm Leek Frith m. Mary Jane d 13-8-1966, also buried with them their son
                           1     George b. 1904 d. 27-11-1978 74yrs
                      2   Joseph Belfield aged 9 yrs b. 1882 and  residing at Back lane Fm Leek Frith.
                           Joseph married Alice Ann he died aged 35 17-2-1917 (w w 1) Grave says beloved husband of Alice Ann Belfield, Son of George and Annie Old Springs Fm Swythamly.

               3   Joseph Belfield b. 25-3-1855 m. Mary A (of Butterton) b. 1860 d. 1911 buried Wincle with Elsie aged 6months Children:
                      1   Mary E Belfield 10yrs b. 1881
                      2   Lucy Belfield 9 yrs b. 1882
                      3   Sarah Belfield 7yrs b. 1884
                      4   Isabella Belfield 6yrs b. 1885
                      5   Florence Belfield 4yrs b. 1887
                      6  Joseph Belfield 3yrs b. 1888
                      7   Louise Belfield 2yrs b. 1889
                      8   Ethel Belfield 1yr b. 1890
                      9  John William Belfield 1894 killed in action in France 21\3\1918 aged 24
                     10  Elsie Belfield b.19-10-1902 d. 4-3-1903 at 6 months
                4   Emma b. 7-5-1857
                5   Sarah Jane b. 20-2-1859 Married Thomas Nixon 5-1-1888 Sarah was 27yrs Thomas was 26yrs of Clough Head father John Nixon.
                6   Lydia Elizabeth b. 4-3-1863 (m) George Buxton of Rushton (24) she was (27) 30-12-1890. George 's father named Samuel.
                7   James b. 8-4-1868 m. aged 24 to Martha Alice Nixon (23) of Clough Head father John b. 29-3-1892.
                8   Lucy b. 31-7-1872 m. 4-1-1894 aged 21yrs to James Carter aged 32yrs father listed as James.


In the census George Senior was 65yrs and lives at Old Springs with Wife Elizabeth (maiden name unknown)... Children with them at this time where:
Lydia E Buxton aged 28yrs (daughter who has married name but still living at home), James aged 23yrs, Lucy 18yrs
These where the last of their children.

      2   Martha (nee Belfield) b. 25-2-1827 d. 22-12-1911 in 1891 census she was listed as a house keeper at Hilly Lees Heaton aged 64yrs (also says she was born at Wildboarclough) had illegitimate son Mathew 14th May 1848 d. 21-8-1933.
          1    Mathew Belfield m. Mary Ann (nee Belfield) his Cousin daughter of George and Elizabeth Belfield (George was Martha's brother as listed above)...
               at the time of the census Mathew and Mary Ann were living at Hanging Stone Heaton where their Children including my grandfather Joseph Day Belfield was born.....Martha died at The Paddock Farm Heaton Rushton where she was living with her son Mathew and his wife Mary Ann.
               Mathew and Mary Ann married at Meerbrook 13-1-1873 Mathew listed as living at Roaster and Mary Ann of Old Springs. Children where:
                   1   George Belfield Died as an infant
                   2   Mary Belfield b. 19-7-1874 listed at Heaton father a gardener
                   3   Ann Belfield b. 1875 d. 1966 buried with her parents at Wincle had two illegitimate children one Berty buried with his mother.
                   4   Mathew Belfield
                   5   Marta Belfield
                   6   Joseph Day Belfield
                   7   William Belfield
                   8   James Belfield
                   9   Sarah Belfield
                   10 John

3   Sarah Belfield b. 28-12-1828 d. 13-7-1875 aged 46yrs buried with Martha and her mother Mary at Wincle ......when Sarah was born her parents were listed as at Leekfrith.

      4  Joseph Belfield b. 4-7-1830 d. 5-11-19O2 and he was a gamekeeper at Cookoos Rocks.
              m. 16-11-1857 Sarah (nee Corbishley) b. 15-5-1831 d. 19O6 The House was attacked by a wild dog (reported in Macclesfield Courier newspaper 27\9\1867. Her Parents were Francis (1801 - 1891) and Mary Corbishley both of Wincle. Joseph was a  brother to George and Sarah Belfield above and son of Joseph and Mary Belfield listed above.
              Sarah's father Francis Corbishley m. Mary b. 1801 d. 1891
              Sarah's Brothers and Sisters were:
                     1    Ann
Corbishley b. ??
                     2    Thomas
Corbishley b. 22-4-1827
                     3    Mary
Corbishley b. 5-10-1828
                     4    Joseph
Corbishley b. 3-1-1829 (m) Elizabeth (Dairyman..moved to London Middlesex)
                     5    Sarah
Corbishley b. 15-3-1831 m. Joseph Belfield b. 1830 d. 1902
                     6    Charles
Corbishley b. 28-8-1837
                     7    Francis
Corbishley b. 29-5-1839
                     8    Martha
Corbishley b. 16-10-1841


They named their first child after the Father.
they had 5 sons & 1 daughter:

(1)Joseph Belfield b. 17-12-1861 d. 1O-3-1943 m.  Elizabeth (nee Kirkham) b. 1863 d. 23-6-1944 with 7 sons & 7 daughters:
 come to that later.

(2)   George m. Ellen Allen (nee Swindles).
                                  Elizabeth Kirkham's Parents were:

(3)   Joshua b. 1832 d. 1917 m. Lydia Kirkham b. 1838 d. 1918 (nee Allen) 4 sons 2 daughters:
         1   Elizabeth (nee Kirkham) b. 3-3-1862 d. 23-6-1944 m. Joseph Belfield b. 17-12-1861 d. 1-1O-1943 7 sons 7 daughter: come to that later.
         2   James Kirkham b. 1864 d. 1936 m. Emily (nee Reilly) 2 sons:
                      George Kirkham m. Annie (nee) Belfield,
                      Arthur Kirkham m. Winifred (nee Hughes) 1 daughter:
                                Lily Hughes.
         3   George Kirkham b. 1869 d. 1961 m. Jane ? 1 son 3 daughters:
                      George Kirkham b. 1894 d. 1971 m. Vera ??,
                      Felicity Kirkham,
                      Priscilla Kirkham,
                      Florrie Kirkham b. 1892 d.198? m. Sidney Shenton 1 son 1 daughter:
                                Gladys Shenton,
                                Eric Shenton.
         4   Harriet Kirkham b. 1872 d. 1955 m. Ernest Dale 2 sons 3 daughters:
                      William Kirkham Dale b. 29-2-1892 d. 19??  lived in Perth WA,
                      Gladys (nee Dale) m. Wilfred Hine 12 children,
                      Frank Dale never m.
                      Lydia May (nee Dale) m. Frank Mycock 4 children,
                      Bertha (nee Dale) m. Fred Bottom 4 children.
         5   Joseph Kirkham b. 1876 d. 1948 m. Florence (nee Mellor) b. 1881 d. 1914 1 son:
                      Hector Kirkham m.  Olive (nee Belfield 1 son 1 daughter:
                                Dorothy Kirkham,
                                Phil Kirkham.
         6   Joshua Kirkham b. 188O d. 1952 m. Peggy (nee Dale) 1 son:
                      George Kirkham m. Dorithy (nee Hine) 1 son 1 daughter:
                             Arthur Kirkham,
                             Joyce Kirkham.

(4)  Francis Belfield b. 11-1-1858 (at 21 d. a police constable) m. Frances ??
                                   Moved to Australia (nee Swindles) 1 son:
          1   Herbert Belfield.

(5)  Thomas Belfield b. 1859 d. 1934 m. Emma (nee Belfield) b. 1857 d. 1948 (cousin d. at 97) 11 children, come to that later.

(6)  Matthew Belfield b. 26-4-1865 d. 1-5-1885 buried at Wincle never m.

(7)  George Belfield b. 21-9-1866 d. 22-3-1894 buried at Wincle never m.

(8)  Mary Ann (nee Belfield) b. 7-6-1860 d. 8-2-1947 m. Ernest Walter Hine lived at Nettle bed Farm Raised Shire Horses where reservoir now is, lived at Ivy Cottage Meerbrook where new cottages are, and Parnell Farm House Leekfrith, interred at Meerbrook Church, which is second on right through Stock Meadow yard, 4 sons & 1 daughter:
1.     Ernest William Hine b. 1887 m. Lily Gertrude (nee Nixon) 1 son 5 daughters:

               Lily (married name Millington) or is Lily's name this one???

                     1   Dora (nee Hine) m. John ??,
                     2   Joyce (nee Hine) m. Albert Millington,
                     3   Geoffrey Hine m. Joyce (nee Wood) 3 daughters:
                          1          Susan Hine,
                          2          Kathleen Hine,
                          3          Helen Hine.
                     4   Ann (nee Hine) m. Allan Hooley,
                     5   Brenda (nee Hine) m. ??,
                     6   Shirley (nee Hine) m. Frank Goodwin 1 or 2 sons 1 daughter:
                          1    Richard Goodwin,
                          2    Hazel Goodwin,
                          3    James Goodwin m. Mabel (nee Burnett) 2 sons:
                                1    Ernest Goodwin,
                                2    Anthony Goodwin.
                          !    James d. by drowning in water tank aged 3O years.
2.     Francis George Hine m. Dorothy (nee Davenport)  3 sons 3 daughters:
                1        May Hine,
                2        Daisy Hine,
                3        Marjory Hine,
                4        Geoffrey Hine,
                5        Nathan Hine,
                6        John Hine.
3.     Walter Matthew Hine b. 1888 m. Harriet b. 1887 1 son:
                1        Frank Hine.

        4.     Alfred Thomas Hine m. "E. May Cotterill", 2 sons:
                         (E. May Cotterill) had a sister who m. a Goodfellow.
                         (Trivia Alfred borrowed 450 from his parents in 1924. He did not pay it back until 1941, as witnessed by siblings Sarah and Walter.
                         assuming for now that this came about at their dad's death, and perhaps there was bad blood between them. One thing I do know for sure is that my Grandad Alfred was rather bizarre, so God only knows what odd things he may have done to annoy his siblings!)

                1        Norman Hine & Betty, (nee Hocknell) no children,
                2        Philip Hine 1928 & Joan Barbara (nee Smith) killed in a car crash on 29 Jun 1995 of Prestbury had 2 sons and 1 daughter:
                          1      Steven Christopher Hine b. 31 Aug 1956,
                          2      Louise Jennifer Hine b. 23 Feb 1959,
                          3      Andrew Malcolm Hine b. in St. Paul on
                                    24-9-1962 m. Becca. Living in Minnesota USA.

        5.     Sarah Emily (nee Hine) b. 189O d. 1951 m. Joseph Day Belfield, Sarah and her older brothers were born at Waterhouse Mill Meerbrook now Flooded and is small area of Resevoir, 2 sons 6 daughters:
                1        Courtney Day Belfield b. 1912 no children
                2        Edgar Ernest Belfield b. 1914 1 son 1 daughter
                3        Winifred Mary Belfield b. 1916 2 girls 1 son
                4        Dora Elsie (nee Belfield) b. 1918 Chadwick living at Leek, 4 sons
                5        Mavis Sarah Belfield d. age 16 Osteomyelitis, no children
                6        Ida Emily Belfield m.
Frank Sims 1 son & 2 daughters:
                         1    Carolyn Bailey Sims b 1950 one son Jonathon b 1983

                         2    Paul Kevin Sims b 1951 one son Marek b 1987
                         3    Beverley Sims B. 1961 m David Foster 1983 Living in Leek, England, 3 daughters:
                               1        Georgina Foster b. 1983
                               2        Rachael Foster b. 1986
                               3        Emily Foster b. 7-12-1988

                7        Monica Grace (nee Belfield) Fairweather living in "Australia" three Sons Floraville New South Whales Newcastle area,
                8        Silvia Brenda Belfield. 1
son 1 daughter:


Also Peter Hine the Plumber who does he belong too

(1)Joseph Belfield b. 17-12-1861 d. 1-1O-1943 m. 2-12-1886 Elizabeth (nee Kirkham) b. 3-3-1862 d. 23-6-1944 with 7 sons & 7 daughters:

Both buried at Meerbrook grave lists them as of Broomhill Fm. Joseph aged 25yrs and Elizabeth aged 24yrs of the old Smithy fathers name Joshua.


   (1)    Joseph Belfield b. 5-2-1887 d. 12-7-1962 m. Ada (nee Massey) (c1941) 1 son:
           1    David Belfield b. 24-4-1943 m.  Jackie ?? 2 sons & 1 daughter:
                 1       Jonathen Belfield b. 1972,
                 2       Richard Belfield b. 1975,
                 3       Launa Belfield b. 1978.
                David remarried to Rita Warnes actually while visiting Australia.
                David and Rita also visited Australia in May 1996 staying in Manjimup WA.

  (2)    Elizabeth Belfield b. 28-7-1888 d. 12-12-1976 daughter:
                                    Elsie Belfield m. Herbert Wade no children.

  (3)    Francis Belfield b. 30-1-189O d. 1O-1-1976 m. 22-12-1913
                  Lucy Evelyn (nee Beeson) b. 13-4-1894 d. 6-1O-1992
                                   4 sons & 4 daughters:  More later.

  (4)    George Belfield b. 12-1-1893 d. 26-6-1953 never m.

  (5)    Annie (nee Belfield) b. 19-3-1893 d. 31-1-197O m. George Kirkham (cousin) 1 son & 2 daughters:
           1          Joshua Kirkham,
           2          Lydia Kirkham,
           3          Florence Kirkham.

  (6)    Thomas William Belfield b. 1894 d. of Scarlet Fever at 6 weeks old.

  (7)    James Belfield b. 24-5-1895 d. of convulsions at 9 months old.

  (8)    Frederick Belfield b. 16-5-1896 d. of convulsions at 2 years  4 months old.

  (9)    Sydney Belfield b. 21-5-1897 d. 1O-5-1974 never m.

  (10)  Sarah Lydia (nee Belfield) b. 16-7-1898 d. ?-4-1981 m.  Bill Brocklehurst 2 children still born, They reared 2 girls of Sister Hilda's, Lily and Jean.
11)   Florence Mary Belfield b. 11-8-1899 d. 6-1O-1974 never m.

  (12)   Ada (nee Belfield) b. 28-2-19O1 d. 6-7-198O m. Joseph Jones 4 sons:
           1          Hector Jones,
           2          George Jones,
           3          Arthur Jones (d. of Leukaemia),
           4          Victor Jones.

  (13)   Minnie Belfield b. 22-5-19O3 d. 24-12-1976 m. Norris Arnold 2 sons & 1 daughter:
           1          Leslie Arnold,
           2          Sybil Arnold,
           3          Joseph Arnold.

  (14)   Hilda Belfield b. 18-5-19O5 d. 3O-9-1977 m.  Sydney Heathcote 7 sons & 2 daughters:
           1          Harold Heathcote,
           2          Ben Heathcote,
           3          Albert Heathcote,
           4          Simon Heathcote,
           5          Reuben Heathcote,
           6          Stanley Heathcote,
           7          Maurice Heathcote,
           8          Lily Heathcote,
           9          Jean Heathcote.

(5)  Thomas Belfield b. 1859 d. 1934 m. Emma (nee Belfield) b. 1857 d. 1948 (cousin d. at 97) 7 sons, 1 daughter & 3 others died in one week of Scarlet fever:


(1)     Mathew Belfield b. 1888 d. 1-5-1970 never m.

(2)     James Belfield b. 1886 buried at Wildboarclough d. 20\9\1958 aged 72yrs m. Minnie b. 1902 d. 10-3-1982 they had 11 Children:
          1              Leslie Belfield,
          2              Malcolm Belfield,
          3              Maurice Belfield,
          4              Dennis Belfield,
          5 to 11 unknown

(3)     George Frederick Belfield b. 1879 d. 7-7-189O Killed when horse shied on Armistice day.

(4)     Sydney Belfield m. Mary (nee Belfield) no children.

(5)     Arnold Belfield m. Ruby

(6)     Walter Belfield b. 1892 d. 3-10-1955 never m.

(7)     Albert Belfield b. 1901 d. 23-2-1971 never m.

(8)     Mary Belfield (Polly)  b. 1898 d. 14-11-197O never m.

(9)    Thomas died of Scarlet fever aged 10 months

(10)   Francis or William ???

(11)   Elizabeth or Emily ???

Emily, Francis and Thomas all died in the same week and are registered dead one after the other in the burial register.
Note Mathew, Walter and Albert all buried in same grave at Wildboarclough no trace of marriages George and Sydney both died in World War One.

Story on Francis and Lucy Belfield:          (3)                      

Francis Belfield was b. 3O-1-189O in a house next door to the Hangingate Inn at Rushton, Staffordshire, overlooking Rudyard Lake, Francis met Lucy Evelyn Beeson who was born at Dore near Sheffield, into a family with farming and business interests.

Her father died when she was three years old, leaving her mother with the challenge of raising the family of eight. In time, the family took over the Rose and Crown Hotel at Macclesfield, Cheshire and it was there that Lucy grew up to assist with the work and also to entertain the house guests. She was a gifted pianist and also sang well. It was there that Francis and Lucy had met. They were married at Clough Church, Allgreaves on 23-12-1913 and not long after Francis went into the army to serve during the world war. On 21st July 1923 they decided to migrate to Australia with their three children, sailing on H.M.S. "Osterley".

On arrival they were first involved in a Group Settlement scheme at Margaret River on the South-West coast of West Australia.

They were not optimistic about its future with the fertility of the soil at Margaret River and took up looking after the horses on the construction of the Busselton to Nannup Railway line.

While working on the Railway line he heard of good ground being allocated at Denbarker.

The following year they moved to an area North-North-East of Denmark, they took up land deep in the bush, "Bat Brook" a property previously owned by a Dr Gaunt, accessed only by ten miles of a winding bush track. For the next two years their home was a slab hut with bag roof and a doorway covered with bagging, and water was carried some distance from a well. A living was earned by trapping dingos, which were sold for one pound per scalp, and hunting kangaroos.

They replenished their grocery supplies by making a three day return journey to the Narrikup Store.

During her husband's absence, Lucy's isolation was emphasized by the haunting, mournful sound of an old dingo.

(We have a 1 hour recording on audio tape of a story or two told at a monument opening at Bat Brook recently.
(Also a video of it too.)


The site of their eventual home was decided by the accidental finding in the middle of summer of a large and well filled fresh water swamp. They moved into a temporary dwelling in 1926, making the four mile journey on foot, with their children and possessions in a horse drawn cart. Three weeks later Francis and Lucy's fourth child was born, with Francis acting as midwife - a duty he was to perform again when their fifth child was born. The last three of their family of eight were born in the Plantagenet District Hospital.

They were true pioneers with the same bright, brave and tenacious spirit of the State's earliest pioneers.
Although the family's standard of living improved over the years, while their children were young Lucy never experienced the joys of the normal household amenities, such as running water.

Instead, it was quite usual for Lucy to have to take the household washing to the swamp during the summer months. This lady whose life style in her younger years had been so different, dedicated her life to her family.

Lucy created delicious meals from her monotonous supplies, baked beautiful bread and clothed her children mainly by re-creating cloths from other families "cast offs". Her family remember how she would always plan
surprises to brighten their lives, particularly at Christmas when magically, there was always a Stocking filled with items to delight a child, in the toe would be a threepenny piece to treasure.

With the nearest neighbour seven miles away, visitors were few, and there were times when this lady never left the property for up to two years. How she must have longed for the company of people of her own background, particularly when Francis had to seek work elsewhere to augment their income.

Lucy taught her children to read and write and instilled in them a love of reading.

Francis and his son Lester had blazed and cut their own road a distance of three miles to the nearest neighbour.
(The bush country in the area is described as semi dense scrub with Jarrah & Red Gum trees raised up to 80 feet high with mixtures of gravel & coffee rock and rich brown soils.

The land was covered in scrub like "Bracken", "Bottle Brush", "Gravillias", "Wattles", "Banksias", "Boronia" & "Native Tea Tree" to mention but a few.)

Many hours were spent on horse-back as Francis covered the miles of rough and rugged bush country. He developed the gift of a keen sense of direction and It was unknown for him to ever use a compass or to become lost.

During the difficult depression years it became necessary for Francis to seek work outside his own area to maintain his family which had by now increased to eight children.

This meant riding sometimes up to fifty miles by bicycle, returning only to the farm on weekends.

In later years Francis and Lucy were able to retire first to Mt Barker, Albany and moved later to Manjimup, Leaving the property in the capable hands of their son James.

Francis died in 1976 at the age of 85 only 2O days from his 86th birthday. In 1981 two of Lucy's daughters accompanied her to England where she celebrated her 87th birthday.

Although she enjoyed returning to the land of her birth immensely, she decided that despite the hardships, she and her husband had made the right decision in coming to Western Australia.

In her eighties, Lucy had remarked that although she knew that she looked old and funny on the outside (an opinion her family would dispute) she still felt young inside. That remark typified the spirit of this woman who had contributed much to this country.

The Farm was called "Woonanup", a 84O acre property with a thirty acre fresh water swamp, in an area known as Denbarker between Denmark & Mt Barker. An old timber house had been removed from the hillside and a Fibro home built about 1969.

"Woonanup" has been cleared to around 6OO acres of lush Grazing and the rest Parkland Bush, a Cattle Farm with Electric Fences and Some large Pines. These days James Henry Belfield still Farms the property.

(3)    Francis Belfield b. 3O-1-189O d. 1O-1-1976 m. 22-12-1913
                  Lucy Evelyn (nee Beeson) b. 13-4-1894 d. 6-1O-1992
                                   4 sons & 4 daughters:


All the below are living in Western Australia

(1)  Francis Albert Lester Belfield b. 31-1O-1916 m. 23-11-1942 Melva Mavis
                (nee Murray) b. 14-1O-1921 d. 23-02-2002 5 sons & 3 daughters:

Francis Albert Lester Belfield Drove Tour buses all over the State.


       1    Wendy Marlene (nee Belfield) b. 6-6-1945 m.
                                  Roy Lewis Hood 1 son & 1 daughter:
             1        Samantha Desiree Hood b. 28-4-1972 m.  Mr ? Locke 1 son:
                                  b. Jan 1995.
             2        Christopher Anthony Hood b. 3-4-1974.

       2     Robert Francis Belfield b. 12-1-1947 (Mechanic) m. Suesann (nee Calton) 2 sons:
             1        Ronald John Belfield b. 27-1O-1971, 
             2        Paul Robert Belfield b. 3O-6-1974.

       3     John Lester Belfield 31-7-1948 (Truckie now Farmer) m. Maria (nee Dombroski) 2 sons:
             1        Jamie Belfield b. 23-5-1973,
             2        Murray Belfield b. 17-9-1975.

       4     William Anthony Belfield b. 21-2-195O m.  Toni (nee Angrove) 1 son & 1 daughter:
             1        Darren William Belfield b. 2O-4-198O,  
             2        Carina Toni Belfield b. 29-1-1983.

       5    Christine Mavis (nee Belfield) b. 7-5-1951 m. Wesley Reid (Church Minister) 3 sons & 2 daughters:
             1        Alistair William Reid b. 18-12-1975,
             2        Isaac Andrew Reid b. 18-7-1977,
             3        Naomi Ruth Reid b. 6-12-1978,
             4        Rachel Lee Reid b. 3O-4-1981,
             5        David Lester Reid b. 18-9-1983.
       6    Laurance Phillip Belfield b. 17-3-1953 m. Trudi (nee Angrove, Toni's sister) 1 son & 1 daughter:
             1        Jeremy Laurence Belfield b. 3-1-1971 (1) Sharon (nee Janitz) 2 daughters:
                       1           Samantha Jane Belfield b. 3O-9-1992,
                       2           Jessica ? Belfield b. 1989
             1        Tamara Lee Belfield b. 13-1O-1974 (married?) Philip Perrella 1 son:
                       1           Daniel Gavin Perrella b. 14-1O-1992.

       7    Peter James Belfield b. 12-8-1957 (Business man) m. Bernice (nee Edwards) 2 daughters:
             1        Melissa Peta Belfield b. 26-2-1981,
             2        Tammie Sue Belfield b. 13-5-1983.

       8    Margaret Melva (nee Belfield) b. 4-11-1964 m. Jonathon Carvell Preston 1 son & 1 daughter:
             1         Geoffrey Carvell Preston b. 3-11-198O,
             2         Charlene Ann Preston b. 6-11-1983.

(2)   Florence Eugenie (nee Belfield) b. 7-4-192O dec'd 3O-8-1985 m. Hugh Grattan Burnside b. 6-4-1924 3 sons & 2 daughters:


  1  Francis John Burnside b. 1947 d. 1976 car accident.

  2  Ronald Anthony Jerome Burnside b. 24-5-1948 1 son:  
                 1    Liegen Burnside.

  3  Eugenie Gael (nee Burnside) (twin sister d. at birth) b. 31-1-1952 m. Brian Simpson 2 sons & 1 daughter:
                 1    Robert Ashley Simpson b. 1978,
                 2    Gabriel Stewart Simpson b. 1981,
                 3    Ashleigh Eugenie Estelle Simpson b. 1987.

  4  Darryl Burnside b. 12-5-56 m. Dellene Janette (nee Hay) b. 4-12-1955 3 sons:
                 1    Troy Jackson Keir Burnside b. 3O-3-198O,
                 2    Dustin James Burnside b. 11-8-1981,
                 3    Steven Conrad Burnside b. 18-12-1982.

  5  Heidi Burnside b. 5-196O m. (1) Jeffery Brown Noissue m. (2) Terry Ross 1 son:
                 1    Cody Ben Ross b. 1989.

(3)  Lucy Gwendoline Belfield b. 7-9-1922 m. Joseph Edward Patterson b. 27-5-19O2 - 1 son & 1 daughter:


  1  Leon Joseph Patterson b. 7-6-1944 disappeared in his Boat at sea 27-7-1974.

  2  Lily Gwendoline (nee Patterson) {Wendy} b. 1-1-1946 m. Raymond Birchall 1 daughter:
            1         Gemma Gwendoline Birchall b. 29-7-1986.

 (4)  Lily Clara (nee Belfield) b. 18-4-1926 m. (1) Gordon Bruce Harrison 5 sons & 1 daughter:


  1  Gary John Harrison b. 1949 m. Suzanne (nee Belanger) (a Canadian) 1 son:
              1       Trevor Spencer Harrison b. 12-9-1988.

  Peter Bruce Harrison (Twin) b. 1951 m. Shirley (nee Reimers) 4 sons:
              1       Eachan Bruce Harrison b. 1973,
              2       Nathaniel George Harrison b. 1975,
              3       Simon Peter Harrison b. 1977,
              4       Joshua Paul Harrison b. 1979.

  3  Brian Gordon Harrison (Twin) {Bugs} b. 1951 d. 29-9-1989 (Level crossing accident at Southern Cross) m. Annette Marie (nee Coles) 3 daughters:
              1       Angela Marie Harrison b. 1976,
              2       Cherie Ann Harrison b. 1978,
              3       Melissa Kym Harrison b. 198O.

  4  Colin George Harrison b. 1952 m. Beverley June (nee Wise) 1 son & 1 daughter:
              1       Natalie Jane Harrison b. 1979,
              2       Grant Edward Harrison b. 198O.

  5  Maxwell Geoffrey Harrison b. 1956 m. Karen (nee Millar) 2 sons:
              1       Adam Lindsay Harrison b. 198O,
              2       Scott Harrison b. 1982.

  6  Janice Evelyn (nee Harrison) m. Lindsay Keith Thomson 3 sons & 2 daughters:
              1       Tanya Valerie Thomson b. 197O,
              2       Jason Lindsay Thomson b. 1972 (-.cot death),
              3       Jodie Evelyn Thomson b. 1974,
              4       Kimberly James Thomson b. 1975,
              5       Shane Maxwell Thomson b. 1978.

          Lily Clara m. (2) George French -.

(5)  Joseph Edward Belfield b. 1929 (Mechanic, Bee Keeper) m. Irene (nee Smith) 2 daughters:


              1      Anne Michelle Belfield b. 1971,
              2      Julie Elizabeth Belfield b. 1973.

(6)  Evelyn Amy (nee Belfield) b. 24-6-1932 m. 8-12-1951 Norman William Moore b. 18-6-1930 (Handyman & Builder) 2 sons & 3 daughters:


  1  Susan Evelyn (nee Moore) b. 19-9-1952 m. 16-11-1974 Donald John Steven b. 2O-1-1946, 5 sons:
              1        Trevor John Steven b. 25-7-1976,
              2        Andrew James Steven b. 3-10-1978,     Twins
              3        Phillip Bruce Steven  b.  3-10-1978,  
              4        Robert Simon Steven b. 18-8-1981,
              5        Glen Timothy Steven b. 4-6-1983.

  2  Jane Elizabeth (nee Moore) b. 18-6-1954 m. 18-5-1974 Kevin David Muir b. 23-4-1942, 4 sons:
              1        Rodney Patrick Muir b. 18-4-1975,
              2        Craig Anthony Muir b. 8-4-1978,
              3        Michael Douglas Muir b. 2-10-1980,
              4        Bradley James Muir b. 21-6-1982.

  3  Helen Ruth (nee Moore) b. 9-9-1960 m. 1-3-1980 Mark Anthony Williams b. 21-3-1959, 2 sons:
              1        Scott Daniel Williams b. 24-6-1982,
              2        Brett Thomas Williams b. 18-12-1985.

  4  James William Moore b. 25-3-1962 (Church minister) m. 5-11-1983 Susan (nee Hill) b. 27-1O-1961.

  5  Ian Thomas Moore b. 3-3-1967 m. 21-9-1991 Elaine (nee Kerry) b. 3-8-1967 2 daughters:
              1        Jessica Lee Moore b. 13-7-1995.
              2        ???? Moore ?

(7)  James Henry Belfield b. 15-11-1933 (Farmer) m. (1) Peggy Joan (nee Wilson) b. 5-11-1937 2 sons & 1 daughter:


  1  Lucy Rose (nee Belfield) b. 26-2-1962 m. 14-2-1988 Mario Carlo Pawelec b. 28-9-196O 2 daughters:
             1      Naomi Nadine Pawelec b. 21-1O-1991,
             2      Rachel Miranda Pawelec b. 8-5-1994,
             3      Sarah ?

  2  David James Belfield b. 3-11-1963 m. 25-1O-1986-12-6-1999 Wendy Jean (divorced) (nee Rogers) b. 1-3-1963 1 son & 1 daughter:
             1      Jessica Kathleen Belfield b. 29-8-1988,
             2      Owen Francis Belfield b. 3O-7-1992.

             David James Belfield p. 24/03/2013 to Penelope Field Camm b. 14-04-1970, m. 14-09-2014.

  3  Mark Andrew Belfield b. 1-7-1966 m. 1-3-1986 Donna Marie (nee Toy) (divorced) b. 3-7-1967 3 sons and 1 daughter:
             1      Mark Andrew Belfield Jr b. 2-1-1986,
             2      Craig James Belfield b. 6-12-1987,
             3      Brendon Owen Belfield b. 24-O1-1989,
             4      Kerry-Ann Marie Belfield b. 7-O3-1995.

                         (7) James Henry Belfield m. 1989. (2) Betty (nee Masson).

(8)  Frank Hubert Belfield b. 26-4-1937 (Bulldozer Contr) m. (1) Walda (nee Chad) 1 daughter:


  1  Sharon Kay (nee Belfield) b. 13-6-1962 m. (1) Richard Roza 3 sons & 1 daughter:
                   Cherry'Kaye Roza b. 28-11-1983,
                   Timothy James Roza b. 22-11-1986,
                   Daniel Paul Roza b. 1O-7-1988,
                   Isaac John Roza b. 29-1O-199O.
      Sharon Kay (nee Roza) m. (2) Theo Glas ?-1O-1975, 1 baby June 1995.

(8)  Frank Hubert Belfield m. 13-6-197O (2) Helen (Elen) Grace (nee Williams) b. 31-7-1948 2 sons:

  2   Michael Paul Belfield born 2/9/75, married 9/7/07 Janice Macario Algen born 31/5/82.
  3   Benjimin Frank Belfield b. 5-1-1979 d. 23-1-1979.


So all information can be here for just you who are interested.
Note this site does not have a link to it through any other website except maybe a search engine or two.


Don't be shy you will not offend.

Thankyou so much for your help.

Write to:     
DJ Belfield, PO Box 355, Albany, 6331
West Australia



  (3)    Francis Belfield b. 3O-1-189O dec'd 1O-1-1976 m. 22-12-1913 Lucy Evelyn (nee Beeson) b. 13-4-1894 dec'd 6-1O-92, 4 sons & 4 daughters:

Lucy Evelyn Belfield (nee Beeson) parents were, William Henry Beeson b. 16-9-185O d. 11-9-1897 m. Florence Eugenie (nee Sampson) b25-12-186O d-1-1934.

Lucy's Grandfather, William Henry Beeson, was born at 16 Dartmouth St, London, near Westminster abbey and is said to have been christened there. He married Sarah Barlow 1848-1875. They had a daughter, Sarah, b. 1-2-1874 and the following year July 1875, a son, William Henry; then Sarah died, 14-7-1875, as the result of childbirth following by the death of baby son.

William Henry was then a Horse slaughterer and they were living at 96 River, Attercliffe, Yorkshire.
Later, on 28-5-1879, he married Lucy's Mother, Florence Eugenie (nee Sampson) at St'Marys Church, Walkley, District of Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire.

They had a family of eight children, four boys & four girls as follows:

           Florence Kathleen  b. 04-04-188O        m. Ernest Siddal
           William Henry        b. 16-01-1882        m. Alice Bush
           Edith Martha         b.  21-06-1884        m. George Garlick
           John Frederick       b.  3O-09-1886       m. Ada Sykes
           James Hubert        b.  13-03-1889        never  m.
           Charles Albert       b.   28-06-1892       never  m.
re(3)   Lucy Evelyn        b.  13-04-1894     d. 06-1O-1992  m. Francis Belfield
           Lily Clara              b.  15-05-1896        m. James Stanway

They were married at Walkley, which was Florence Eugenie's home district. They may have lived at Attercliffe at one of William Henry's sisters, Kathleen Mary died and was interred at Attercliffe Church d. 13-3-188O, age 21 years.

They lived at Tinsley near Sheffield and the fifth child, James Hubert was born while living at Carsbrook, it is thought. only the last three children were born at Dore Hall Farm, Dore, Derbyshire, near Sheffield.

William Henry had the contract to cart the stone for the Dore and Totley Railway tunnel and the Sheffield Town Hall. It is not known when this was but is thought that this is what took him to the Sheffield area.

At Dore, he ran a dairy farm and contracted out steam driven machinery to local farmers. He also had a horse slaughtering business. He supplied "Milk, Butter and dairy produce to Sheffield. His dairy was most up to date, with all modern machinery of the Time, Marble and Linings."

The year of 1875 must have been a sad and eventful year in William Henry's life: his father, William died suddenly in May, age 47 and his wife and baby son died in July. November the same year his Mother gave birth to her 11th child, six months after her husbands death.

William Henry's parents were William and Sarah Beeson (nee Wiggins) and they had a family of 11, six boys and five girls as follows:

           William Henry                     16-09-185O - 11-09-1897
           Richard                              1O-06-1852 -
           John George                       05-06-1854 -
           Sarah                                03-09-1856 -
           Katherine Mary                   27-12-1858 - 13-03-188O
           Charles Alfred                    12-06-1861 -
           Albert Edward                    05-09-1863 -
           Emma Elizabeth                 11-03-1866 -
           Harriet Ada                        2O-12-1868 -
           Clara Martha                      19-1O-1871 -
           Frederick Horace                13-11-1875 -

William and Sarah Beeson (nee Wiggins) were married on 27-09-1849, at St Mary's Church, District of Colney Heath, Hertfordshire. The address of both families were - Hill End Farm; his father, James George Beeson, a farmer; her father, William Wiggins, a horse dealer.

The following year when their first born, William Henry, arrived 16-09-185O, they were living at 16 Dartmouth St, Westminster (London).

Although they seemed to have moved about a bit, it appears to have been mostly north London or north of London (Hertfordshire). They farmed at Gravely, Hertfordshire (the house is still standing today).

The tenth child, Clara Martha, was born in a house in Blackstock Rd, Finsbury Park on 19-1O-1871, but Sarah may have only gone there for the birth of the child as she had a brother William John Wiggins who was a Veterinary Surgeon at Finsbury Park.

Both times, when William made his will - 2O-01-1874 and on the death of William - 19-5-1875, they were then living at 9 Cambridge Tce, Arundel Square, Barnsbury, Islington, London.

It seems shortly after Williams death, Sarah went to the Sheffield area to assist her son, William Henry, when he lost his wife and child, and remained there for some time.

William's parents were James George and Rebecca Beeson (it is understood Rebecca too was a Wiggins, but as yet we have no documented evidence). James and Rebecca had a family of 7 children, four boys and three girls as follows:

James George 1822 Decorated in Australia and died by Drowning Emma 1824 married a Creswell and went to Australia Alfred 1826 Architect of Government buildings Vic-Aust William 1828-1875 married Sarah Wiggins and had 11 children Richard 183O nothing known Jamima 1832-1857 died of TB Mary Anne 1834 married WF Styles, had 4 daughter:
Polly: Lily married an Elliot; Emma married a Looms: Clara married a King.

The first two of this family were christened at St'Bartholomew the Great, London, the last five at St'Sepulchres Church, London.

Only two addresses at which they lived are known: one at Hill End Farm, Colney Heath, Hertfordshire in 1849, at the time of William and Sarah's marriage. The other, eight years later in 1857, when Rebecca died, 03-05-1857 and their daughter Jarmima, b22-07-1857; they were then living at 28 Barnsbury Grove, Islington.

In May of that year, James George purchased a family vault at Highgate Cemetery, but owing to some confusion in the Record Books kept there, there is some doubt as to just who is interred. In one book it records the burial of Rebecca 07-05-1857, Jamima July 1857 and William May 1875. The other book, however, meant to give more details about the persons interred therein, mentions nothing of Rebecca, Jamima or William, but only James, age 39 buried 07-05-1857, same date
as his mother.

There is reasonable certainty the former three are indeed buried there, as to the James mentioned, this is puzzling. It could not be James George (son) as he had purchased the grave at the time of his wife's death and in any case, be in his 6O's or 7O's at that time. James George (jr) on the other hand is said to have gone to Australia and died by drowning.

If he died in Australia it is highly improbable they would have returned him to England for burial as the sailing ship took at least 6 months to make the journey! If he returned and died in England, he would not have been 39 years old in 1857, but 35 years of age.

There is a question as to the date of birth and death of James George Beeson (Senior), Francis and Lucy Belfield's Great Grandfather, who was a Veterinary Surgeon at the time of his wife's death in 1857. It is reported he was made a Freeman of the City of London and lived until he was 97 years old. The dates given 1785-1892, tally up to 1O7 and so there's obviously a mistake, but it appears he lived 25-35 years after his wife's death and much could have happened in that time.

It would seem probable that the honour of being made a Freeman of the City would be bestowed on him in his senior years and we can confidently assume he would be still in the London area at that time. Also if he had emigrated elsewhere, one would expect this fact to be handed down along with the others "gone to Australia", even more so a Grandfather, and mentioned along with him being made a "Freeman" the unusual.

Probably he did something ordinary like marrying again or going to live with some of his family, an expected thing in those days.

By 1875, Rebecca, Jemima and William had died: James, Alfred and Emma had probably gone to Australia by this time. This only left Richard, whom we know nothing about and suspect he may have died as a child as he was not on the family tree and Mary Anne, who married a W.F. Styles and it is not known where about's they lived.

James George Beeson (Senior) may have gone to live with one of the latter two or even some of his brothers family for we have listed that he did have two brothers (there may have been others perhaps sisters?).

           1 Name unknown who ultimately lived at Uxbridge
           2 William 1795-1833 who had three sons:
                      Ernest, Norman and George.
           These latter three had sons who became Potato Merchants.

There were close family links between the Beeson and Wiggins families and it is thought that William's mother, Rebecca Beeson, and Sarah's father, William Wiggins, were sister and brother, making William and Sarah first cousins.

Some information on the Wiggins family could be of help and interest: William Wiggins married Sarah Isherwood and they had a family of six, two boys and four girls as follows:

           Sarah                 183O-1915 m. William Beeson, 1828-1875
           Mary Ann            1832-191O m. George Powell
           Elizabeth Herne   1833
           William John       1835
           Katherine            1836
           Henry Silvanus    1838           m. John Franklin

All this family were christened in St Bridges Church, Fleet St, London; the last one, Henry Silvanus on 07-03-1838, just 2O days prior to his mother, Sarah's death, on 27-03-1838, age 3O.

Sarah's parents, the Isherwood's, were in business as Court Decorator's at St James Palace. They used the Royal Arms and printed their own wallpaper, made gilt picture frames, amongst other things. Mrs Isherwood is said to be the last person buried in St Bridges.

William Wiggins mother was a Guelph, some member of Royalty. The Wiggin's formerly lived on Ludgate Hill and were Stable Masters, hiring out many fine horses and had stables at the rear of Ludgate Hill. We do not know the names of William Wiggins parents and would be interested to learn their names and also who they were.

It is thought that there was a link to Royalty on the Beeson side as well and we would like to discover if there is any truth in this.

Whilst we are interested in learning the names of those ancestors on our family tree suppose it could be truly said our greater interest is in the family history and though it has been accepted there has been some connection to the Royal family in the past, we would like to learn just how this came about and who was involved.

Searching into the Wiggins branch could help to solve some mysteries and particularly since there appears to be such close ties between the Wiggins and the Beeson's as not only Sarah Wiggins married a Beeson (William 1828-1875), but we are told Rebecca who married James George Beeson was also a Wiggins and could well have been sister to William Wiggins, father if Sarah Beeson (nee Wiggins) making William Beeson (1828-1875) and Sarah Beeson (nee Wiggins, 183O-1915) first cousins. That would mean William Wiggins and Rebecca Beeson (nee Wiggins)
mother was a Guelph, the Royal family name at the time, and probably accounts for William Wiggins marrying Sarah Isherwood of St James Palace.

Sarah Beeson lost her mother when she was less than eight years old and is said to have become a Ward of Chancery. She was the Eldest by two years, approximately, of a family of six children, yet is not listed amongst the family of William and Sarah Wiggins in the Genealogical Library in Sydney, Australia. A portrait of her seated on her fathers knee when 3-4 years of age shows her father to be aging with graying hair and baldness, so perhaps she was left an orphan and this explains her being made a Ward of Chancery, but there could be some evidence in a court case.

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